ABEC continues to proactively invest in single-use manufacturing capacity

BETHLEHEM, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ABEC, a global provider of engineering solutions and services for biotech manufacturing, today announced the completion of an extension to its cleanroom in Fermoy, Ireland, for the manufacture of disposable containers ( DC) for single use. The expansion brings Fermoy’s total square footage to 9,500 square feet and includes state-of-the-art automated manufacturing equipment. The expansion is fully operational and comes at a pivotal time for the biopharmaceutical industry, as many customers cite delays of a year or more from other vendors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the already growing demand for single-use manufacturing capacity, leaving many suppliers unable to meet delivery needs. In contrast, ABEC’s DC delivery schedules have remained constant. ABEC attributes its foresight for increased capability to its long-term commitment to understanding and acting on critical industry trends that best meet future customer needs. ABEC currently supplies DCs worldwide from its factory in Fermoy and another ISO-7 cleanroom in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. Fermoy’s expansion exceeds the current capacity needed, allowing ABEC to continue to offer its customers the fastest DC delivery times in the industry. Despite unprecedented supply chain shortages caused by COVID-19, ABEC has remained steadfast in its ability to provide reliable delivery times to support large-scale, single-use manufacturing of vaccines and proteins. therapies.

“ABEC’s philosophy is unique in the industry because we have always strategically invested in capacity ahead of demand, supporting the long-term growth of the biopharmaceutical industry,” said Scott Pickering, CEO and President of ABEC. “Our expansion to Fermoy further ensures the supply of current and future CSR customers. »

About ABEC

Since 1974, ABEC has been a global leader in providing engineering solutions and services for manufacturing in the biotechnology industry. The majority of the world’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies are ABEC customers; with many of today’s cutting-edge therapies manufactured by processes and equipment designed, manufactured, installed and serviced by ABEC. ABEC’s unique value is based on long experience, comprehensive in-house capabilities, a personalized and flexible approach and long-term credibility. Whether adding capacity or upgrading existing facilities, ABEC’s turnkey solutions and support services reduce overall cost and time to market while providing maximum productivity. To learn more about ABEC, visit abec.com, email [email protected] and follow us on LinkedIn.

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