Allium Financial appoints Scott Thompson as Chief Investment Officer

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Allium Financial – a financial management firm serving business owners, pension plan sponsors, individuals, families, endowments and non-profit foundations by gaining an in-depth understanding of the overall financial condition of each investor – today announced that Scott Thompson has joined the company’s management team as Chief Investment Officer.

Thompson brings 25 years of experience in alternative investments from his previous roles as a partner, portfolio manager and CIO at Common Sense Investment Management and Concentric Wealth Advisors. In his role at Allium, Thompson will lead the firm’s investment committee as well as its investment research, portfolio management and client relations.

“Scott will elevate our expertise and create opportunity for our company on the investment side of our business,” said Sheree Demers Arntson, CEO of Allium. “It will also help us further refine our portfolio management process and further improve our portfolios.”

With his strong expertise in alternatives – specifically hedge funds, private equity, private debt and real estate – as CIO, Thompson will bolster the firm’s existing investment resources for these classes of investors. nuanced assets.

About one-third of Allium’s investments are in institutional-grade alternative investments. This hire reinforces the firm’s desire to expand these investment offerings to its clients in the future.

“Using institutional-grade alternative investments for accredited nonprofits isn’t often practiced because it takes a lot of work to find the right opportunities for these organizations,” Thompson noted. “But at Allium, we know that these investments present a great opportunity to potentially reduce risk by reducing volatility. They represent an attractive opportunity for our clients to diversify and strengthen their portfolios. »

Allium provides comprehensive financial services, including investment management, estate planning, donations, taxes, insurance and more. Its portfolios are tailored to each client with a proactive and diversified investment with a long-term perspective that reflects the values ​​of its clients.

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About Allium Financial

Founded in 2016 in Portland, the professionals at Allium Financial’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER truly want to understand their clients’ financial lives to offer the best tailored advice. We work with families, individuals, business owners, endowments, foundations and pension plan sponsors.

Our investment philosophy involves proactive and diversified investing with a long-term perspective that aims to preserve and grow your capital. In addition to equity and bond funds, our clients have exclusive access to a wide range of carefully selected alternative investments designed to enhance yield and reduce portfolio volatility. We carefully manage risk through diversification, active management and rebalancing. We believe in a holistic approach and in using alternative investments where appropriate.

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