Bitcoin Debuts in BlackRock & Coinbase Partnership, Meta Rolls Out NFTs to More Countries, Risky Crypto Bridges and More News

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Investment News

  • Major Asset Manager black rock partnered with crypto exchange Coinbase to enable Premier’s institutional clients who also own digital assets on Coinbase to use Aladdin, the asset manager’s suite of software tools, to manage their portfolios and perform risk analysis on investment decisions, ‘exchange said. For now, the partnership only applies to bitcoin (BTC). “Our institutional clients are increasingly interested in exposure to digital asset markets and focused on how to effectively manage the operational lifecycle of these assets,” said Joseph Chalom, global head of strategic partnerships for the ecosystem at BlackRock, cited in the announcement.
  • Crypto-asset trading platform CoinSmart Financial Inc. is looking for deals in Canada, Europe and the United States as turmoil in the crypto industry creates opportunity, Bloomberg reported, citing CEO Justin Hartzman. The company screens distressed assets, custodial companies and other exchange and payment platforms, he added.
  • Revolution said it has launched a new crypto service in Singapore, allowing customers to trade over 80 tokens. The company also plans to provide educational features in the coming months to help customers “better understand the trends and risks associated with cryptocurrency.”
  • PwCHenri Arslanian, a global crypto leader, left his role at the company to create a digital asset fund, Capital management of the nine blocksin Dubai, the Financial Times reported. The fund will receive $75 million from its main backer and largest shareholder Capital of the Nine Mastsa Hong Kong-based hedge fund.

NFT news

  • Meta said that it deploys digital collectibles on instagram to 100 other countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas. Additionally, they now support wallet connections with the Coinbase Wallet and Stylish wallet (coming soon), as well as the ability to post minted digital collectibles on the To flow blockchain.

Crime News

  • blockchain analytics company On-chain analysis claims $2 billion worth of crypto has been stolen from cross-chain bridges this year through 13 separate hacks, including $190 million this week Nomadic bridge feat. In their report, Chainalysis valued that this type of hack accounts for 69% of all crypto funds stolen this year.

Regulatory News

  • The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the UK Crypto and Digital Assets Industry announcement a survey of the growing UK crypto-asset industry. The survey will focus on key policy issues relating to the UK crypto and digital assets sector, and as part of it, the APPG is inviting views from across the industry and said that he wanted to hear from crypto operators, regulators, and industry experts. , and the government on the need for regulation of the sector, they said.
  • Legislation introduced Wednesday by a mix of U.S. Republicans and Democrats, including Senators Pat Toomey, Cynthia Lummis, Rob Portman, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Warner, would exempt crypto miners and software developers from being considered “brokers.” in crypto. according at Bloomberg. The US Treasury Department said he favors not classifying miners, developers and other “ancillary parties” as brokers, sparing them the effort of increasing tax compliance.

Legal news

  • Coinbase Global has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to halt two lawsuits brought by its users, both of which seek class-action status, while the company appeals to send the cases to arbitration, Bloomberg reported. Federal trial judges in both cases rejected Coinbase’s offer to send the cases to arbitration, which the company says is required under its user agreements.
  • Victorian police in Australia will be given new powers to seize criminals’ crypto and digital assets and to compel platforms to hand over information on suspects, by a statement released by Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

Mining news

  • US based bitcoin miner CleanSparkin an unaudited update for the calendar year to date (YTD) ending July 31, reported: BTC 384 mined in July, BTC 2,247 mined YTD, BTC 519 in total holdings, BTC 426 converted for operations and growth in July, and a currently deployed fleet of approximately 30,450 latest generation bitcoin miners with a hashrate total of 2.9 p.e./s. The company has fully funded growth and operations through the sale of 426 BTC at an average of approximately $20,768 per BTC, with sales equating to proceeds of approximately $8.8 million.

Game News

  • Crypto Gaming Guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) said that at the end of the second quarter of 2022, there were 21,739 active holders of the YGG Guild Badge (a non-transferable NFT that gives you access to the YGG website and its features). Additionally, in the last quarter, YGG signed 5 new game partnerships. In total, YGG said it had 72 partnerships spanning games, guilds, and gaming infrastructure to win worth $39.4 million.

Economic news

  • In an attempt to fight inflation in the UK, the bank of england increased its rate by 0.5 percentage point to 1.75%. Inflation is expected to rise more than forecast in the May report, rising from 9.4% in June to just over 13% in the fourth quarter of 2022, and to remain at very high levels for much of 2023, before to reach the 2% target in two years, the Bank said.

Career news

  • Major Crypto Exchange Binance announcement the appointment of its co-founder Yi He as head of its venture capital and incubator branch, Binance Labs. Yi will lead the global strategy and day-to-day operations of Binance Labs.

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