Boone County to receive over $ 13 million in federal ARP funding • Current Publishing


Boone County expects to receive just over $ 6.5 million in US bailout funds soon and an additional $ 6.5 million next year, Boone County Council Chairman said , Elise Nieshalla.


In total, the county expects to receive $ 13,177,707 – half in 2021 and half in 2022. The first installment is expected “at any time,” Nieshalla said. The second installment is expected about a year after the first installment. Neighboring Hamilton County was to receive just over $ 65 million, and Marion County was to receive over $ 187 million.

The US bailout is a $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill passed in March that included direct payments to people earning less than $ 90,000 a year, as well as grants and other funding for them. small businesses, counties and other organizations. According to the US Treasury Department, the US bailout, through state coronavirus and local tax relief funds, will provide a combined $ 350 billion to eligible state, local, territorial and tribal governments to respond to the COVID-19 emergency and “bring back jobs.

Nieshalla said county officials were still assessing how to allocate the funds, but the criminal justice services were of particular interest as the needs had already been identified by county officials before the county learned about it. ‘he would receive the funds from the US bailout.

“In January, we held a roundtable on criminal justice with key players in the criminal justice system to discuss these needs, long-term planning, and so on. Nieshalla said. “When we found out that funds were coming into Boone County, it had certainly been well documented as a need, so we were interested in seeing how this money could be used to meet those needs and we were very involved in the review. the provisional final rule. of the Treasury Department and frequently asked questions regarding this rule to determine whether our criminal justice infrastructure would (be) eligible. We are in the process of revising it. “

Nieshalla said the county, if approved, would seek a “modest” expansion of the county jail, increased services for non-violent offenders in the county’s community probation and correction system to help manage the prison population and an increase in mental health services.

Boone County Commissioners Council chairman Tom Santelli said county officials will meet soon for budgeting meetings related to funds. He said the county has already established a separate fund to specifically track the spending of the funds.

“We want to be able, when you come to us and say, ‘Where was this money spent? “(To) give you a very precise picture of that,” Santelli said. “We’re trying to figure out how to deliver the best possible value from these funds to our taxpayers and our constituents?” “

“It’s a huge responsibility to manage these dollars well,” said Nieshalla. “And we’re digging deep to determine the needs in Boone County that would serve the entire county. And in the event that funding is contemplated for criminal justice needs, it is for the purpose of providing further rehabilitation opportunities, which in turn will further reduce the rate of recidivism, thereby further reducing the rate of recidivism. is good for Boone County and good for all of us.

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