Circle launches Crypto Yield, treasury program



Circle’s new Circle Yield program, now approved in Bermuda, will allow corporate treasurers and institutional investors to take advantage of new cryptocurrency yield opportunities, according to a press release.

The crypto yield service is offered under the regulatory oversight of the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA). It provides safe and secure options for high-growth digital assets and crypto markets, the release said.

Circle co-founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire said in the statement that Circle is the first FinTech to obtain a Class F BMA DBA license, which was granted in 2019.

“With the launch of Circle Yield, along with our recent strategic capital increase, we look forward to expanding our Bermuda operations to support substantial corporate cash demand for crypto assets and yield, while supporting the overall strategy. of Circle’s market expansion. Allaire said in the statement.

BMA’s expansion of oversight to include Circle shows the increase in the types of institutional capital formation possible in Bermuda, the statement said.

Bermuda Premiere David Burt said in the statement that Circle’s integration is important.

“It shows how key players like Circle are leveraging Bermuda’s long-standing reputation as one of the world’s most innovative financial services hubs to propel a revolution in the Internet of Value,” a- he said in the statement. “Circle has been a key driver of this movement, and we are honored that Circle is moving to Bermuda and continuing to invest in the island.”

During an early access period, Circle Yield will only be available to companies based in the United States or Switzerland, as well as institutional investors, the statement said. The company will also work with the Bermuda government to ensure that there will be more competition for innovation in financial services under the umbrella of a Bermuda regulatory platform.

Earlier this month, Allaire told PYMNTS that the digital payment world will see continued proliferation in the adoption and development of cryptos.



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