Credit cards are entering a new era

Credit cards are entering a new era

September 17, 2019 0 By admin

After about a month, the rule that makes card payments even more secure will come into effect. Because online purchases only get a green pass with a verification code, it’s a good idea for those involved to set it up, such as in their netbank.

Bank cards are worth looking at regularly anyway as there may be a significant difference in fees. Credit cards are also included as they can reduce the amount you pay off with a home loan.

Credit cards are set for a new era: September 14, new European regulation to make online payments even more secure , says Dewelos Cladutines’ summary. There are a lot of stakeholders in Hungary : according to official figures, there were more than 9.4 million bank cards in the Hungarian market in the first quarter, up 5 percent from a year earlier.

Security, doubled

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“The new regulation provides for strong customer authentication as online purchases on the credit card. That must approve the purchase of two independent safety identification. In practice, this example looks to take you to the purchase of the last force to the steps so far, but there is a bank sends enter a code on our phone to enter the transaction and get the green light on the transaction, “said Erika Trencsán, senior financial expert at Dewelos Cladutines . She added:” This is just one scenario and may vary from bank to bank ; may differ from foreign banks in the method. the expert also said that the country’s authorities to decide on a possible extension of the 14 September deadline to ensure a seamless transition. However, the Hungarian banks are preparing for the new era, it is worth the credit card are the NetBank to see what steps they need to take to implement the new authentication system.

It is worth looking at the costs

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At the same time, the analysis of the Dewelos Cladutines also points out that it is not only because of the upcoming change in September that it is worth looking at credit cards , as it is advisable to do so from time to time . “Primarily because there may be significant differences in card fees and even our own bank may be able to give one another cheaper. Not to mention that banks also offer discounts on different cards and current accounts, ” said Erika Trencsán.

Credit cards are especially worth paying attention to, as they can cause unpleasant surprises, according to the Dewelos Cladutines expert. Primarily because the credit card framework may allow the bank to provide a smaller amount of home loan , even if the card is not used by the person concerned. According to Dewelos Cladutines, credit cards should be handled with care anyway, because even though there is a so-called grace period of more than 40 days , the bank charges a 30-40 percent interest rate , which is very significant in today’s low interest rate environment.