Demystifying Chinese investment in Australia

Chinese investment in Australia offers economic benefits and opportunities to its partners, but the Australian media sometimes convey a sense of apprehension. This is best tempered by setting out the facts, says Dr Wei Li, one of the early authors of the Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia series of reports.

The 16th and latest Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia 2020 report released last year reached around 20 million people worldwide.

These reports began in 2011 through a collaboration between the University of Sydney and KPMG. A dedicated research team monitors, documents and analyzes the evolution of Chinese direct investment in Australia, identifies key areas of strategic cooperation and promotes leadership skills that create long-term value.

The reports reflect original database-based research established jointly with KPMG and company with the goal of increasing the long-term “knowledge stock” for the business sector, as well as developing policies and practices for governmental and non-governmental entities.

The reports continued to garner attention as diplomatic tensions between the two countries erupted as investments plummeted. Wei believes this is due to the team’s emphasis on empirical research, practical knowledge, and global thinking, rather than speculation.

“Many Chinese companies operating in the Chinese domestic market cannot develop an international brand and experience. European markets.

For Australian companies looking to partner with Chinese companies, the information in the reports is invaluable, especially for those considering entering the potentially lucrative Chinese market, which can be difficult without Chinese partners.

“Our research is practitioner-oriented, but I always refer to my own research skills and experiences,” she says. “Once you see the phenomenon, you come back to ask yourself, ‘What is my experience? What are my research skills? How can I contribute to our teamwork? ‘

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