Domino’s Pizza investment in Nigeria reaches N26 billion

Domino’s Pizza said the size of the company’s investments in Nigeria over the past ten years has reached over N26 billion in financial asset value.

Domino Pizza is the leading global pizza value chain and the master franchise of Domino’s Pizza and its other global brands, such as Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt.

Operator QSR made the claim on the 10th anniversary of its global food brand operations in Nigeria, while valuing the size of the company’s investment in Nigeria at over N26 billion since the start of its operations in Nigeria in August 2012.

Group Managing Director, Eat’N’Go Limited, Patrick Mc. Michael, revealed that since entering the Nigerian market, Eat’N’Go has registered a milestone in all aspects of its business with the provision of high quality services while stating that, the last ten years have seen position the brand’s trajectory to localize supply chains to survive Nigeria’s market economy.

The food management system said more than 3,000 children had been reached by the slum business social initiative program at school, while stressing the need to boost global supply chains in the regional market and pan-African to drive sales, technology and rapid service delivery to redefine customers. live.

McMichael hinted that despite the high cost of power generation, cost of running business, insecurity issues, forex crisis, he reached 75% spread nationwide with store visibility merchandising and registered food outlets in more than 18 states.

“Over the past decade, Eat’N’Go Africa has become the go-to place and one-stop-shop for customers looking to indulge in the utmost satisfaction and pleasure. As part of its growth trajectory, the leading QSR brand has remained steady in expanding its services to more Nigerians and Africans in general and has continued to leverage best business practices to deliver exceptional values ​​to its customers across Nigeria,” he said.

Since the establishment of Eat’N’Go in Nigeria, the organization has documented a significant impact on the development of socio-economic and human capital within the communities it operates. In 10 years of existence, the brand has grown its outlets to 190 and has grown across Nigeria, expanded into Kenya and directly impacted over 4,000 employees.

He said: “As an organization, we are extremely excited to celebrate this giant milestone, especially after the severe economic blow caused by the pandemic. We’ve been through good times and bad, and we celebrate our accomplishments while learning new, innovative ways to keep our customers happy. »

According to the Group’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Adeeko Olusola, the team is sufficiently trained to provide quick and easy response to all the needs and demands of its customers.

“This is to ensure we exceed our 20 minute delivery time to any location in the regions where our stores are located. We strive to provide an indulgent experience in a timely manner to satisfy all of our customers’ desires. existing and new,” he said.

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