Doxim Announces Launch of Doxim Self-Service Enterprise Account Opening

In Canada, 98% of businesses are small and have ongoing needs for financial products. Enabling digital journeys and adding value to these businesses, as well as our banking and credit union customers, is what our BAO solutions aim to achieve — Shah Usama Javed, Product Manager, CEM

Doxim, the leading provider of customer communications management (CCM) and engagement technologies serving financial and regulated markets, today announced the latest addition to the Doxim Digital Origination platform, Doxim Self-Service Business Account Opening (BAO ).

This new solution will add support for enterprise accounts, providing a full suite of fully integrated digital origination solutions, with data shared across the platform. It will also include full integration into the customer’s banking system.

“Business banking is a lucrative and growing industry, so banks and credit unions want to make it as easy as possible for business customers to work with them,” said Sean Kennelly, vice president. -President, Product Management, Payments and CEM. “Business customers are strapped for time and are looking for effortless banking solutions that fit their schedule and are accessible from anywhere. Doxim Self-Service Business Account Opening will help banks and credit unions meet these requirements and delight business customers with a simple omnichannel account opening process that takes less than 10 minutes.

“Since Covid-19, over 3 million businesses have been registered in Canada and over 8 million in the United States, underscoring a general trend towards a need for financial products, designed specifically for cross-industry start-ups said Shah Usama Javed. , Product Manager, EMC. “In Canada, 98% of businesses are small and have ongoing needs for financial products. Enabling digital journeys and adding value to these businesses, as well as our banking and credit union customers, is what our BAO solutions aim to achieve. »

With this new release, Doxim continues its journey to help banks and credit unions deliver true frictionless omnichannel digital journeys. This process began with Doxim’s innovative solutions to help banks and credit unions truly rethink their retail account opening and loan origination processes. These self-service solutions have enabled credit unions and banks to make omnichannel banking a reality, with a truly end-to-end paperless solution that allows customers to open accounts in less than 5 minutes.

Now, Doxim brings benefits such as improved customer experience, accelerated deposit growth and operational efficiency to corporate banking. In today’s banking and credit union systems, business account opening lags far behind in modernization, as it is burdened with legacy and disparate systems, manual paperwork, and slow processes.

Doxim’s self-service business account opening is the industry’s most comprehensive digital business account opening solution, enabling banks and credit unions to break free from branches and perform online banking. account opening to the door of their customers.

Key features of the new solution include:

— Omnichannel account opening, so sole proprietors, corporations, and nonprofits can enjoy the convenience of 24/7 banking from anywhere using the channel of their choice.

— End-to-end digital account opening through a stress-free process that takes customers from app to real-time identity verification and authentication, all the way to funding in 10 minutes or less

— Multi-product support, including a shopping cart experience for easy navigation. When combined with Doxim’s retail account opening solutions, customers can even open retail and corporate accounts in one go.

— Dynamic, data-driven workflows based on company structure and policy, to limit redundancy and save time.

– In-app document store that eliminates the burden of document management with a single repository where customers can quickly upload and update multiple documents and staff can be instantly notified.

— Frictionless state-of-the-art fraud prevention, including everything from facial and social biometrics to real-time identification and business verification.

Doxim invites bank and credit union executives interested in accelerating revenue by enabling new digital channels for business banking to contact the company and book a free business account opening demo. – Doxim service today.

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