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After hundreds of rejections, Pasta Evangelists was able to get the funding he needed to make his business a success. Many entrepreneurs might face high profile rejection before taking a break, but this time will never last.

Finn opened up about how he handled rejection and continued to stay motivated when things didn’t go his way.

He said: “Above all, accept that things didn’t go as planned – there’s no point in refusing to accept failure or being defensive about it. Accepting failure is actually a key ingredient for future success because if you don’t understand what’s wrong, the ability to fix it will be out of reach.

“Hold back – after all, very few companies deal with matters of life and death!” Compared to the challenges faced by those in other professions (take child protection or surgery, for example), the vicissitudes of entrepreneurship are generally mild. It’s important not to be too complacent to imagine that your problems overshadow those faced by others. This perspective helps you breathe and understand that your challenges can be overcome.

“Try a different approach – very few problems in business are completely insurmountable. If at first you don’t succeed, try a different approach. Try to see failure as exciting: it means you have to be creative and find new ideas for solving a problem.

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