Government issues warning as cartel scamming millions of teachers resurfaces

Kenyan teachers have been warned following the resurgence of a cartel that defrauded millions of shillings from unsuspecting tutors.

Speaking on Saturday, November 27, during media outreach, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Executive Director Nancy Macharia challenged guardians to be wary of the new cartel.

She noted that the jerks, who had operated at the National Treasury at some point in the past, were targeting eligible teachers for retirement as well as new recruits.

Scammers have often approached teachers with promises to speed up the process of paying their retirement benefits for a small fee, a promise that never comes true.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia speaking to teachers at Safari Park Hotel on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

TSC / Twitter

Pensions, teacher recruitment, promotions and transfers were the areas most affected according to Macharia who confirmed that initially the National Treasury cartels colluded with dishonest individuals stationed at the TSC.

“That’s right, there have been cartels between us and the Treasury. As you know, these cartels, I’m sure you discovered them during recruiting and no matter how badly we advertise these services are. free, why do people feel pressured to pay for something that should be done? Your pension is your pension no matter what, “Macharia said.

She further noted that previously the fraudsters had converted a restaurant in Nairobi into an office through which they ran the union.

“These people are not in TSC. When we called the DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations), because the situation had become so bad, that we had to have an appointment with the Public Treasury, there was a cafe in town which they had made their office.

“They call you, you send money and then they change that number. When you call later, the number doesn’t work,” Macharia added at the event in Naivasha.

TSC is one of Kenya’s largest employers and manages over 300,000 tutors. Over 8,000 teachers retire each year.

In July 2021, thousands of teachers lost millions to scammers under the pretext that they could be helped to find teaching jobs.

Many teachers had reported complaints after being defrauded of funds which then came to the attention of DCI.

Teacher Services Commission (TSC) offices

Teacher Services Commission (TSC) offices

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