Human rights activist sues Twitter, claims his personal information was shared with the Saudi government


Ali Al-Ahmed, head of the human rights organization Institute for Gulf Affairs, said Twitter shared his information with the government of Saudi Arabia. He said Twitter goes against its privacy policy by transmitting his personal information, instead he should have done more to protect his information.

“He names two men in the lawsuit who were indicted last year by federal prosecutors for working as Saudi government agents while working for Twitter several years ago,” the report said on Friday.

The microblogging platform had yet to react to the report.

Al-Ahmed claimed his Twitter account was suspended in 2018 without explanation and has yet to be reinstated despite repeated calls.

“While Twitter may wish to play the role of victim of state-sponsored espionage, Twitter’s conduct in punishing victims of this plot, including Mr. Al-Ahmed, tells a much different story: that of ratification. , complicity and / or adoption adapted to appease a neighboring beneficial owner and preserve access to a key market, the [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]”, we read in the complaint.

The complaint argued that Twitter should have done more to protect its information.

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Posted on: Saturday, October 16, 2021, 2:30 p.m. IST

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