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Former boxer Mike Tyson’s foray into cannabis has been well documented. Now it is entering the market with its own brand: Tyson 2.0.

“It’s really about the love of the drug,” Tyson told CNBC, insisting his brand will focus on the pain relief side of the market (including the emotional and physical benefits). “I spent a lot of time farming and finding the right strain. ”

All Tyson 2.0 products require approval from the man himself, according to company CEO Adam Wilks. Tyson will be the brand manager for Tyson 2.0.

The brand, filled with boxing imagery and Tyson’s widely recognized face, launched in late November in Colorado in partnership with multi-state operator Columbia Care.

“Because of Mike Tyson’s passion for cannabis and the insight he brought to this brand through his own positive results, we knew we had to market this product line, which has such broad appeal, the as quickly as possible. We are excited to be able to scale up our partnership when we have done so, ”said Jesse Channon, Columbia Care’s chief growth officer, in a public statement. “It’s also very fitting that we are launching in Colorado, one of our largest markets, and look forward to leveraging our experience and scale to bring it to life across the country. “

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Columbia Care partnership kicks off with 1 oz. bags of flowers, including sativa varieties Billy White, Clementine, and Maui Wowie; Hybrid varieties OG Kush and Haymaker; and the indica strains Rocky Mountain Toad, Purple Punch and Blue Snow. Tyson also shouted out his Sour Diesel genetics in the interview with CNBC. More strains are on the way, as well as 3.5 gram packs.

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