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Google reviews are important for your business credibility because potential customers and customers will first search for your business name on Google to verify your business or products.

If you need some useful information on how to up your game with Google Reviews, Podium has released a free e-book that offers a step-by-step guide to mastering Google Reviews.

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Podium 101 Google Reviews

In Podium’s Google Reviews 101, you’ll learn 5 game-changing benefits of Google Reviews, why are Google Reviews important to your business today? How to optimize your Google My Business listing for more reviews, how to get more Google reviews, and more.

So why are reviews so important?

Indeed, customers value unbiased reviews and, in today’s digital ecosystem, they are the new word of mouth. As a business, getting great reviews for your products and services can help you grow your business, build credibility, and make it easier to acquire customers.

Google Reviews are user-generated comments that current or past customers post about businesses on Google. They include a five-star rating which is calculated in a company’s average star rating.

Google Reviews lets customers go online and post their thoughts on your business or product without having to download an app. Reviews can potentially help level the playing field when it comes to your competitors, as honest reviews have more impact and are more organic than hype, expensive campaigns and glossy copy.

Your Small Business and Google Reviews

Your business’s Google reviews can impact Google search results by helping your business rank higher on search pages. As a result, consumers will have an easier time finding you online.

Google’s search algorithm focuses on the number of reviews you have, the speed at which you receive reviews, and the diversity of review sources. By not taking advantage of this, you risk losing opportunities to increase your brand awareness and capture market share.

Not convinced? Don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves as nearly 97% of customers use online search to find a local business or service. And a large majority of these searches are done on Google. The first organic search result receives 25% of the clicks and the top three receive 75% of the clicks from internet users.

This eBook is packed with information and guides on how to improve your SEO, generate more Google reviews, and position your business before coemption. Start capitalizing on your business’ Google reviews with this free eBook from Podium.

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