Mini-credits for students in distress

Mini-credits for students in distress

September 30, 2019 0 By admin


Today, something as essential as education also requires money. Although studying is a right of all citizens, apart from an obligation up to a certain age (in Spain secondary education is compulsory), there are many students who cannot cope with the expenses incurred in the academic year. Especially in the stage that goes from the school to the Baccalaureate, it is the parents who are in charge of facing that expense, but even in those cases, they sometimes need resources such as mini-credits.

Student loans – finance education

Student loans - finance education

When talking about school material, sometimes you only think of a textbook, a notebook to take notes and a pen. However, studying today is much more than that. Regardless of this type of material, basic for any subject, there are other subjects that require more specific instruments and specific to their branch. For example, a basic subject such as Mathematics needs, for example, a calculator at the advanced levels of Compulsory Secondary Education. Also the Plastic Arts, languages ​​and, of course, Technologies need additional materials that also cost families.

In addition to this, today, the fact that we live immersed in the era of Information and Communication has made it necessary to include some work tools that are essential. Thus, for example, desktop computers, their successors, laptops and tablets are instruments that students cannot miss.

If they do not have one, at least some of the others must have it, as many of the subjects already need some interaction with technology and even in many of them only work through it.

In other words, there are subjects in which the paper is being replaced by the screen, a screen that every time, when launching more innovative products, has a higher cost.

With all this, we can say that many Spanish families have serious difficulties to pay something as basic as mandatory to their children such as education, which is why many students leave their studies.



The mini-credits are one of the solutions that parents and students can go to once they have no financial resources to accommodate their studies.

We want to help you. Therefore, we offer you our mini-credits. You can choose the amount you need and the return period you want.

Do not stop studying! Request your mini-credit now.