New houses planned for Glasgow fire station yard


New houses planned for Glasgow fire station yard

Plans have been submitted for the development of a new apartment building and the conversion of two vacant units into a Glasgow Fire Station building.

Image courtesy of LS Homes and NVDC Architects

LS Houses and NVDC Architects have teamed up for the proposal which involves part of the abandoned land at the southern end of the courtyard of the old Northwest Fire Hall in North Kelvinside.

According to plans, five two-bedroom apartments will be created with associated amenity spaces, bin storage and parking on the Mingarry Street side of the complex.

A supporting document submitted by the architect reads as follows: “The client’s mandate is to develop this portion of abandoned land and the vacant units adjacent to the south end of the courtyard of the former fire station to create residential units. of high quality which add to the dynamism of the existing district while restoring the historical form of the original plan of the courtyard.

“Our proposal aims to establish a sense of privacy and scale in the existing courtyard space which is currently overwhelmed and dominated by the scale of neighboring buildings.

“A progressive design approach and the use of materials have been adopted to create a sense of belonging and cohesion within the courtyard setting, while creating a dynamic aesthetic that is respectful but also of its time. “

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