Now Truss investment areas are for review

Michael Gove: environmental concern

Tax-advantaged investment zones could be the latest of Liz Truss’ policies to be scrapped after Michael Gove confirmed they were being reviewed.

The zones were meant to be full-fledged free ports, but it was feared that they would involve the removal of various environmental regulations.

Mr Gove, brought back to government as leveling secretary, told viewers that anything that harms the environment ‘is ruled out’.

“We need to make sure that any change we make is of course helping to support economic growth and good jobs for people, but one of the concerns raised about the investment zones was also the impact on the environment. “, did he declare.

“I have been very clear and the Prime Minister has been very clear that under no circumstances will we weaken environmental protections.

“So I will be looking with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with the Environment Secretary and with the Prime Minister on the proposals that were drawn up when Liz was Prime Minister…and anything that might in any way undermine protection of the environment is excluded.”

He hinted that the HS2 rail project would also be reviewed, although the government sees it as a “significant investment”.

He explained: “As Rishi (Sunak) said, we have to be frank with people: the cost of materials has increased due to the problems with global supply chains and also a very tight labor market means that the ability to build these homes at the rate we want is limited.

Mr Gove issued an apology to the election of Ms Truss who spent just 49 days in Downing Street.

He admitted the government had taken a “vacation from reality”.

Opinium research conducted between Wednesday and Friday found Conservative support at 28%, up five from the previous week. Labor lost six points to 44%.

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