OK, so we haven’t exactly followed your banking rules here – Boston Herald

Two thieves used a stolen debit card to shop in the Clapham section of London, collecting hundreds of dollars in merchandise, including five lottery tickets, one of which paid a jackpot of over $ 5 million. But payments in England are made by wire transfer and, when they admitted they did not have a bank account, authorities knew they had bought the tickets with a stolen card and arrested them for fraud. They will not receive the winnings.

HEY, I AM THE VICTIM HERE! A man called the police to complain that he paid a woman $ 500 to “have sex with him” at a motel in West Palm Beach, Fla., But she broke her end of the deal. A police officer informed him that he confessed to soliciting another person for sexual purposes. When he confirmed that was exactly what he was doing, he was arrested.

EVERYTHING IS GOOD HON GO BACK TO SLEEP: A man went to his sick girlfriend’s apartment in Nanning, China, and gave her food, as well as medicine that made her fall asleep. He then pressed his finger to his phone to unlock it and lifted his eyelids to unlock his Alipay facial recognition app before transferring $ 24,000 from his account to his.

I AM ALSO SURPRISED AS YOU, OFFICER: Police searched a man they arrested in Clearwater, Fla. At 4 a.m. for driving without headlights or taillights, and found bags containing cocaine and the methamphetamine wrapped around her deprived. He denied owning the drugs.

HEH, HEH, IT’S GOING TO SEARCH THEM: A heavily intoxicated woman was arrested in Yorkshire, England, for swerving all the way in a car with four flat tires and a smashed windshield, the result from a previous collision. She then drank hand sanitizer in an attempt to pass the breathalyzer, apparently unaware that it was 60% alcohol.

DISCUSSION OVER! Two young women had an argument in Manhattan, Kansas, which ended when one hit the other on the head with a toaster.

OH, Okay, it could have happened to anyone: after a woman found a drunk, naked, and passed out man in a bed at her home in Armagh, Northern Ireland, he offered an explanation to the police who arrested him: he was so drunk that he thought he had entered the house of his sister who lives nearby. Then he had a snack, undressed and went to bed.

What are you going to do with it, PAL! ? … KA-BLAM! An auto repair shop owner confronted a thief trying to steal a catalytic converter from under his pickup truck in his company’s parking lot in Portland, Oregon. When the thief’s accomplice sprayed him with a bear mace, he exploded them both with rock salt from his shotgun.

FIRST ADMITTED YOU HAVE A PROBLEM: A man, who hit his car with a utility pole in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was convicted of impaired driving for the 18th time since 1988. Upon conviction , he told the judge: “I regret everything that I have done.

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