Personal perspective: change management is the slogan of 2022

The pandemic has forced businesses of all sizes to become adept at driving change to stay viable.

Typically, organizations adopt change management to deal with intentional changes such as a merger, new software platforms, or product launch. The main principles of change management center on understanding change, planning change, implementing change, communicating change, and measuring results.

When (as the saying goes) the only constant thing is change, how can you plan? In this new pandemic world, HR professionals are leading the charge in equipping companies to deal with these changes. Especially for small businesses, a human resources partner can help establish management guidelines and practices to best manage disruptions and changes in work routines, declining morale and productivity, anxiety increased, remote work, recruitment challenges and other issues arising from the pandemic.

The way things are going, the pandemic issues of 2020 and 2021 will carry over into 2022. But the good news is we’ve learned to adapt. Here’s a look at the challenges we’ll continue to face in 2022, and how business leadership can team up with human resources to tackle change — and challenges — head-on.

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