Peters Bill Would Increase Transparency On Federal Disaster Spending

GRAND RAPIDS – US Senator Gary Peters is introducing legislation he says will improve transparency about federal disaster relief spending.

Peters, Township of D-Bloomfield, presented The Law on the Disclosure of All Expenses Guaranteeing Relief or “Disaster” in the Senate on Wednesday December 1. The bill would require federal agencies to track disaster relief spending and spending.

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Specifically, the Office of Management and Budget and the Treasury would provide federal agencies with plans to track all expenditures and expenditures related to disaster relief. Damage from disasters would also have to be recorded, which Peters’s office said would provide lawmakers with more information when determining federal spending.

The expenses and damages caused by disasters would also be made public. In a press release, Peters stressed that emergencies such as the coronavirus pandemic and inclement weather caused by climate change were areas that needed to be dealt with transparently.

“Michigans and all Americans have a right to know how much natural disasters – which are worsening due to climate change – and other emergencies are costing taxpayers. This information will also be essential for Congress so that we can effectively allocate resources to the agencies leading the federal response to these events, ”said Peters.

“This bipartisan and common sense bill will not only strengthen our federal response to disasters, but will also increase accountability and transparency about how the federal government is working to protect American communities from the growing threat of natural disasters and disasters. ‘other emergencies. ”

Federal disaster response currently has no financial tracking requirements, according to Peters’ office.

By creating an accessible database of how much the federal government has spent on disasters, Peters argues that lawmakers would have a plan on how much money has been allocated to deal with future emergencies.

Senators Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Alex Padilla, D-California, joined Peters in introducing the bill. The disaster law has been referred to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, which Peters chairs.

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