Ra Ra’s Ice Cream Shop

DAYVILLE, CT (WFSB) – Lauryn Hart and Joshua Sandage recently got engaged and took over Ra Ra’s Ice Cream Shop in Dayville!

“They just offered it to me and at first I was like it was crazy, I’m too young to own a business. But Josh and I both went to Quinebaug Valley Community College on business, so that went well,” Lauryn said.

Lauryn worked at Ra Ra’s in Moosup for a few years, and the previous owners helped the two get started in Dayville.

“We were a bit anxious at first because we weren’t sure if people would know us at the bottom of a park, there’s not much to it, we have a busy intersection just up the road, but it was very very good our first opening weekend, we had a line to the ballpark all day and it was fantastic,” said Josh.

They get their ice cream from the Big Dipper in Prospect, and they have plenty of options.

Campfire Smores is one of the most popular flavors, and Graham Central Station.

They offer 24 different flavors of soft serve, shakes and jammers.

Lauryn has a lot of experience picking up, but Josh had to learn fast!

“I had no experience scooping or anything ice cream related. Day one I was thrown straight into the fire,” Josh said.

They say the whole experience is worth it, seeing kids and families come for ice cream and making memories.

“We really wanted those bright colors. Old Ra Ra’s was very loud and bright, and they had a giant purple dragon in the backyard where the kids could climb and eat their ice cream, so we really wanted to keep it as a special place the kids are so excited to go to “, said Lauryn.

With only a few weeks under their belt, they are both excited to see what the future holds.

“So rewarding, because it’s ours. And that’s the only thing we said from the start was that we wanted something that was ours.

For more information on Ra Ra, click here.

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