Small business owners grappling with rising gas prices

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati-area gas station raised prices for the second time in just days, making life difficult for drivers in the tri-state.

The owner of A-Town Car Service in Anderson Township, Bob Gebhart takes customers from the airport to all parts of the area. However, as gas prices continue to climb, Gebhart said it could cost him more than $60 a day to fill up his company’s new GMC Yukon.

“People are starting to travel again and now we’re dealing with these high gas prices,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

In an attempt to save money, Gebhart said he was heading to Kentucky to get gas. While AAA reports Ohio’s average price is $3.62, Kentucky’s average is $3.47.

“This morning at Costco in Florence, I spent $3.13 a gallon,” Gebhart said. “I try to go where it means saving 30 to 40 cents a gallon. Right now they’re almost 50 cents a gallon cheaper.

In Corryville, Erikka Gray said she was also feeling the pain at the pump. The co-owner of wellness space Pause Cincy said she had considered raising delivery prices.

“Every penny counts,” Gray said. “When the price at the pump goes up, it makes you very aware of things, like should I raise the price of my items? Should I raise the price of my services for delivery?”

While she doesn’t want to resort to raising her prices, Gray said she fears change is on the horizon.

“I really want to wait,” she said. “I know I’m not the only person who’s been affected by this, a lot of our clients and clients are as well, so I’m really trying to be patient and see where it goes.”

Enrique Sanders, AAA Automotive Service District Manager in Cincinnati, said there are things drivers can do to make sure their cars aren’t guzzling gas during an already tough time.

Sanders said some may be driving with low tire pressure after wintry weather hit all three states last month. Not only can low tire pressure impact steering and braking, but it can also reduce gas mileage by a percentage. Drivers should make sure their tire pressure is where it should be.

“I always recommend that you don’t check the owner’s manual or the door plate,” Sanders said.

Switching newer car models to Eco mode can also help, along with other preventative maintenance. Sanders also noted that people can save money with good driving habits.

“If you can reduce the amount of acceleration, and even when you decelerate to a stop, that will help you as well,” Sanders said.

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