Small Business Spotlight: Golden Leaf Games

NORWICH, CT (WFSB) — Thursday’s Small Business Spotlight brings us Gilt Leaf Games.

Gilt Leaf Games is a unique shop in Norwich that owner Ling Yeung fell in love with years ago.

“I moved here in 2008 and it was already there and they closed. They probably closed around 2014, 2013, then there was like a void here and I loved the shop,” Yeung said.

While the shop is now his, the name is different, and there are no more comics.

Everything always revolves around games.

“We almost exclusively do collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Pokémon, and then some board games, we also do Dungeons and Dragons,” Yeung said.

Yeung says they hold tournaments on some weekends, but it’s definitely a place where people hang out.

“I’ve always been a magical gathering player. It was a great place to find friends if you’re new to the area and not the social type. You can always go find a place with like-minded people who like to play games,” Yeung said.

He says other games like Pokémon are making a resurgence with younger players.

“Somewhere in the middle of COVID it got really popular on YouTube and stuff and then it got a lot of interest from people like basically trying to get involved in the hobby so we have a lot of little kids they come in and just buy bundles of things,” Yeung said.

He says these cards are for playing and collecting.

“It really is a collectible game,” he said.

At Gilt Leaf Games, there are also board games and figurines.

Yeung says he hopes to create a place where people feel comfortable, like he did all those years ago.

For more information on Gilt Leaf games, click here.

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