The digital NMB brings 6,000,000,000 to the Treasury


Yesterday, CEO Ruth Zaipuna told President Samia Suluhu Hassan that over the past three years, the government has raised $ 6 trillion through the bank’s digital finance platforms, while the president has served in the opening of the election meeting of the Association of Local Government Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT).

“Thanks to our huge investments in digital innovations and virtual service delivery platforms, NMB Bank is now a key player for the government in revenue collection,” she said, with NMB as the main sponsor of the gathering. , noting that NMB was also a strategic partner for the government in carrying out large infrastructure projects.

Congratulating the NMB Bank and other stakeholders for supporting the three-day ALAT meeting, President Samia said the new leaders of the decentralization lobby should ensure its members go digital fiscally, challenged to ensure that all LGA income and expenses are made and recorded digitally. .

New technologies are needed for efficiency and good governance, so the new leaders of ALAT should champion the deployment and use of ICTs in local government operations for service delivery. and efficient management of resources, stressed the President.

Local Government Authorities (LGAs) have for many years been a strategic business and development partner of NMB Bank, as the bank is unparalleled in its close ties with local governments, the CEO said.

The services of the NMB are fully available at the district level, as the NMB Bank is the only commercial bank to have a branch in each district. The bank’s social investments are made in this area as the majority of targeted beneficiaries liaise with local governments, she said.

One percent of the after-tax profits that NMB Bank has devoted over the past 10 years to philanthropic causes has improved the lives of many Tanzanians, she said.

More than 500 ALAT meeting participants from 185 city, town, district and district councils learned that to date, the bank’s investments in corporate social responsibility (CSR), which are focus on education, health and natural disasters, reach over 12 billion / -.

More than 1,300 schools across the country received 85,000 desks while around 600 health centers received medical supplies from this source. More than 80,000 people have been trained in financial literacy, more than a million benefit from programs to help the needy in the face of disasters such as deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic, she explained.

Earlier this month, the bank launched the NMB Foundation to help expand its social investment efforts and serve communities more closely.

The bank also impressed the president with its special marathon run to raise $ 1 billion / – over the next four years to help treat at least 240 fistula patients at CCBRT Hospital each year, with the CEO saying the run of Saturday surpassed the annual target of collecting 250m. / -.

“The turnout response has been so impressive that we have surpassed the first year goal and raised 400m / – and all of these funds have already been donated to CCBRT to help treat 100 mothers who we believe will come from a variety of backgrounds. district councils, ”she added.

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