Unified Crypto and Fiat Treasury Company Nilos Close $5.2M

  • Nilos recently announced that he raised $5.2 million and $5.2 million. These are the details.

Nilos – a company considered a one-stop-shop for businesses to connect crypto wallets, bank accounts and PSPs and manage all their treasury operations such as revenue tracking, money flow reconciliation and payments via crypto and fiat seamlessly – recently announced it raised $5.2 million.

Funding Cycle: $5.2 million

Investors: Led by Viola Ventures, Fabric Ventures and Mensch Capital Partners. And more than 20 angels also participated in the round, including: Yuval Tal (Founder at Payoneer), Sebastien Borget (Co-founder at The Sandbox), Emmanuel Schalit (Founder at Dashlane), Benjamin Seror (CPO at SimilarWeb), Didier Valet (Former Deputy CEO of Société Générale), Guillaume Houzé (Galeries Lafayette)…

Founders: Nilos was founded in 2021 by Raphael Fettaya and Eytan Messika and provides a platform that enables businesses to:

The company has a platform that allows companies to:

— Connect all their accounts via a single interface

– Track all their crypto and fiat transactions in one unified ledger

— Reconcile their payments

– Plan and route efficient payments from crypto to fiat (off-ramp)

— Extract detailed financial/accounting reports

In addition, Nilos also takes care of the AML/compliance behind:

— Monitor incoming crypto transactions to spot suspicious sources of funds

— Provide custodial services to store crypto accounts

— Performs KYB integration


“I am enthusiastic about our close collaboration with Nilos. I think they play a key role in companies adapting web3. Their product is perfectly suited to our mission to help music rights owners take their first steps into the web3 world.

—Sebastian Ljunberg, CTO at Anotherblock

“We are big proponents of Web3 infrastructure games. The Nilos team solves a huge gap in bridging financial and treasury services for Web2 and Web3 businesses looking to seamlessly integrate on-chain revenue with their fiat operations. , compliant and secure.

— Omry Ben David, General Partner at Viola Ventures

“As a business, freelancer, or creator, once you’ve set up a wallet, it’s the easiest thing to accept payments using blockchain payment rails, but that’s all that comes next which is difficult Everything related to income management (cash), storing currencies safely, exchanging them in stable currencies, using the correct chain from acceptance to withdrawal, to using the right exchange for the offramp and doing it in a legally compliant way with the right documentation is extremely difficult and a fragmented manual process right now, I’m really happy to partner with the guys at Nilos, to solve that missing key piece of financial infrastructure that will make crypto more widely accessible.

— Anil Hanjsee, General Partner at Fabric.vc

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