Valentine’s Day sales look good for St. Louis businesses

For the very first time, the party falls the day after the Super Bowl.

ST. LOUIS — Although Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, the day after the Super Bowl and during a pandemic, local businesses betting on the holiday are anticipating big sales.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Dan Abel Jr, Bissinger’s vice president of operations and Chocolate Chocolate.

Abel predicts a four-day holiday weekend. He said chocolate-covered strawberries and other Valentine’s Day items are seeing strong sales.

“We have high expectations. We are very optimistic about our supply of chocolate and strawberries to make sure we can meet every order right now,” Abel said.

To overcome supply chain issues, Abel said his team ordered ingredients for Valentine’s Day in November.

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The owners of Botanicals Design Studio off South Grand also planned well ahead to ensure they got enough roses and other blooms for the holiday.

“We had to order early. They say there is a shortage [of roses], but they all arrive on time. We just had to work really hard to get them,” co-owner Keith McDonnell said.

Like Abel, McDonnell said Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday was great for business. He advised potential customers not to wait to receive orders as there will come a time when they will sell out of stock.

“We will deliver Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday,” McDonnell said.

Expect to pay more for roses this year. An estimate shows that roses are up 22% from last year. McDonnell said they have creative ways to help with rising costs, such as mixed bouquets.

But all is not rosy for the restaurant industry. According to a survey by Morning Consult, only 43% of those who celebrate the holidays will go out to dinner. That’s down from 69% before the pandemic.

Popular Webster Groves restaurant Olive + Oak is begging it doesn’t agree with the investigation.

“We’re full. We have seats at the bar,” owner Mark Hinkle said.

For the first time, Valentine’s Day falls the day after the Super Bowl. Hinkle said reservations were still going through for Sunday.

“I think it may have more of an impact on Super Bowl habits than Valentine’s Day dinner. Usually we’re closed on Super Bowl Sunday. But since it’s close to Valentine’s Day, we’re open and it’s going to be a busy night,” Hinkle said.

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