Video: The Future of Financial Services After Brexit, A Conversation with KPMG’s Kay Swinburne


It has been barely eight months since Britain’s transition out of the EU was completed. However, discussions between London and Brussels on establishing equivalence for the regulation of financial services are still ongoing.

Over the next few months, several proposals to fine-tune the regulation of capital markets will be presented by the European Commission, while in the UK the Treasury has commissioned an independent review of the domestic fintech sector, in the form of the Kalifa review, and consults on major topics of capital market reform.

Many market players are hoping that the two sides’ regimes remain closely aligned, but the UK government has made it clear that post-Brexit Britain wants to move forward “as a sovereign jurisdiction with its own priorities”.

Kay Swinburne, Vice President of Financial Services at KPMG UK, joins bobsguide to discuss the future of financial services after Brexit.


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