Weekend summary – January 9, 2022

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If you missed our first Capitol Journal program of the year (and my first as a host), you can check it out online HERE.

Here is your Weekend Digest for Sunday January 9th.

  • Leading lawmakers on both sides agree that the biggest immediate problem the Legislature is preparing to meet in Montgomery is the allocation of some $ 580 million in federal relief funds.
  • This is a task that could complicate the entire election year session, which is why many expect Gov. Kay Ivey to call a special session within the regular session to focus the attention of lawmakers only. on American Rescue Plan Act funds.
  • During our conversation on the Capitol Journal on Friday, Senate Pro Tem Greg Reed, R-Jasper, said separating those funds from the rest of the session could be effective.
  • “The idea of ​​being able to separate ARPA funds from the allocation and process of handling them is going to be important to the legislature,” Reed said.
  • Only the governor can call an extraordinary session.
  • Gina Maiola, spokesperson for Governor Kay Ivey, declined to say whether a special session was in the works, but said the governor wanted ARPA funds to be an “early priority” when lawmakers meet Tuesday.
  • A similar approach was taken in 2019 when Ivey called an extraordinary session at the very start of the regular session to draw the attention of lawmakers specifically to the gasoline tax and the infrastructure plan.
  • Read my full story and see full interviews with Reed and CFO Bill Poole HERE.

  • Longtime state lawmaker Rep. Steve McMillan, R-Gulf Shores, will undergo “an aggressive treatment plan” targeting three small tumors in his brain, he told colleagues in a letter this week. .
  • “I have high hopes for his success, as are the doctors, but we all know that God’s power to heal far exceeds anything man knows,” said McMillan, 80, in the letter shared with Alabama Daily News.
  • He said the tumors were discovered after experiencing unusual symptoms and seeing his doctor.
  • McMillan announced last year that he would not be running for the seat he has held since 1980.
  • “I greet and appreciate your prayers on my behalf as my family and I lead this fight,” the letter continues.
  • He certainly has ours.
  • The full story of Mary Sell HERE.

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  • Representative Lynn Greer, R-Rogersville, will not seek re-election this year.
  • Greer was first elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 1974 and has served a total of six terms, three of which have been uninterrupted since 2010. His public service career also includes nine years on the Public Service Commission. public.
  • “I promised my family four years ago that I would not run again,” Greer told the Alabama Daily News on Friday.
  • Greer, 80, is still heavily involved with his two businesses, Greer Construction and Greer Management, which manages more than 49 apartment complexes in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.
  • “I’m under a lot of stress and it’s time for me to get out of the State House,” Greer said.
  • No other current member of the House was sitting in 1974, and Greer was a mentor to other Shoals lawmakers.
  • The full story of Mary Sell HERE.

  • Alabama officials say federal rules do not appear to block the state’s plan to use $ 400 million in pandemic relief funds to build prisons, although the US Treasury Department document indicates that new prisons are generally not a qualifying use of the money.
  • The US Treasury Department on Thursday released the final rule for the state and local government budget recovery fund program promulgated as part of the US bailout. The Treasury Department wrote that construction of new penal institutions is “generally ineligible” if they are built in response to an increase in the crime rate.
  • Alabama is piloting $ 400 million of the more than $ 2 billion it will receive from the US bailout to build new prisons. State officials said on Friday that the new rules do not ban the spending, while opponents of the plan say the rules argue it is an inappropriate use of the money.
  • JaTaune Bosby, executive director of the ACLU of Alabama, said in a statement that building a prison is inappropriate, “especially as healthcare workers, teachers, small business owners and so many other people in Alabama are struggling during this ongoing pandemic. “
  • The Alabama Department of Finance said in a statement that the prison construction plan “is not affected by the final rule of the US Treasury Department.”
  • Kirk Fulford, deputy director of the Legislative Services Agency’s tax division, wrote in an email that the $ 400 million came from a segment of US bailout funds meant to make up “lost revenue” during the pandemic that states can use to disembark to government departments. He said states have more flexibility over this money.
  • “I don’t see the final rule impacting our use of the $ 400 million for prisons at all. Funds for prisons came from the ‘lost revenue’ portion of the funds, ”Fulford wrote in an email.
  • Read more from Kim Chandler HERE.

  • KD Johnson scored 23 points and number 9 Auburn extended his winning streak to 11 with an 85-73 win over Florida on Saturday night.
  • Jaylin Williams scored 14 points, a season-high, for the Tigers (14-1, 3-0) and Wendell Green Jr. added 13 for an Auburn team that topped Florida 35-9 in points bench. Jabari Smith had 13 points and five rebounds.
  • The Tigers’ greatest strength this season is their depth, and that was in the spotlight on Saturday. With three starters sitting for a significant portion of the second half due to fouling issues, Auburn was able to withstand a second half push from the Gators with their reserves.
  • “I thought we were a little tired tonight,” Auburn coach Bruce Pearl said. “I thought, for the first time, that maybe the pace of the season had been a factor. … So obviously, you know, these guys – Wendell, KD, and Jabari – get up and kick things.
  • Next up is the Iron Bowl of basketball, as Auburn travels to Tuscaloosa to face Alabama’s No.21 on Tuesday.
  • The game is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. on ESPN.
  • It’s the right timing! You can watch the 6:00 a.m. State of the State speech, then our live Capitol Journal analysis show immediately after, and then have plenty of time to turn to the world’s leading gaming.
  • Read more HERE.

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