YWCA works to close the racial wealth gap, help small business owners succeed; graduate runs food delivery service for Chicago Ports

CHICAGO (WLS) – The YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is working to help business owners succeed.

He heads the Economic Empowerment Institute.

“The YWCA Economic Empowerment Institute works to close the racial wealth gap,” said Robert Johnson, who oversees the institute’s programs.

One of the programs is the Breedlove Entrepreneurship Center.

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“The Breedlove Center focuses on late-stage women entrepreneurs who are the fastest growing but least bankable group of entrepreneurs,” Johnson said.

Terri Evans recently graduated from the center. She runs Dockside Delivery, which delivers food and alcohol to boat owners and charter companies in Chicago ports.

“The Breedlove program gave us the ability to understand how to seize this opportunity and continue to expand it,” Evans said.

She is now working on expanding her business.

The YWCA has over 30 corporate partners who have donated over $2 million to the Institute in the past year, which helps maintain and support the programs.

You can find out more about the Institute here.

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